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More Raw Egg Recipes - Carbonara With Spaghetti Squash

Mmmmmm. Carbonara. One of my most favorite things to eat in the world. You can imaging how much it must suck to be diabetic (type 2) and not be able to eat pasta anymore. But, enter Spaghetti Squash. The pasta impostor squash, that tastes nothing like squash, and more like pasta. Once mixed with a sauce, you would really never know.

And, another use for raw eggs. For what it's worth, raw eggs are actually more nutritious than eggs that have been cooked. I do not, however, recommend going down to Wal-Mart and buying eggs to eat raw. I do recommend raising your own birds for eggs, or knowing your farmer.

Carbonara, as I have been told was essentially a breakfast food in Italy. A lot of coal miners ate it. It's Bacon, Eggs, Black Pepper, and Pasta. A complete meal. Did I mention black pepper? Carbon = black, don't shy away from the black pepper. It makes the dish!!!

So, here is the recipe, followed with instructions:

1 - Spaghetti Squash (Roasted)

1 - Stick Butter

1/2 Cup - Heavy Cream (Light Cream will do)

1/2 Cup - Grated Parm/Romano Cheese

1 LB - Bacon, Pancetta, or Prosciutto

2-4 TBSP - Black Pepper, Medium Grind, I use this Spicy World Tellicherry Pepper. The Malabar pepper is ok, I just use the old container because the Tellicherry comes in a bag. Once you use good pepper, you will never go back.

2 - Eggs (I use Duck Eggs)



- Cut the Spaghetti Squash in half and scoop out the seeds. Feed them to the birds or roast them with an all purpose seasoning. Roast at 350 for between a half hour and 45 minutes. I also put a little water in the cavity and salt it lightly.

- Using a fork, scrape the spaghetti squash against the grain to get it out. Be careful, it's wicked hot!


- Cut your bacon into about 1" pieces. Then cook it. Get it nice and crispy. Save the bacon fat. Always save the bacon fat!

- In the same pan, with most of the bacon fat removed, and saved, Melt the stick of butter on low in the pan.

- Once the butter is melted, add the cream and cheese. Cook this on low/medium until it is blended, have your seasoning and squash ready.

- Once this all comes together, add half of the pepper. Add more if you love pepper. Carbonara is all about black pepper.

- Now add the squash, turn off the heat (unless your squash is cold). If you keep cooking it, it will separate.

- Fold in the bacon spatula.

- Plate the stuff, Top with more black pepper.

- Now form a small indent in the center, crack your egg into a separate dish to make sure it's not bloody or weird. Drop the egg into the indentation. If you serve this hot enough, the egg should "cook" enough when the person eating it stirs it all together. The cook can stir it in, but it's not as fun.

Play around with cayenne pepper as well if you are like me and enjoy spicy food!

Here are some other things you might need/want:

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