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Our New Microgreens Growing Space!

So, we have officially leased and assembled a new place to grow our delicious microgreens! We were quickly outgrowing our space here at the farm, and had no realistic options to grow here, so thanks to some deep searching, we came across an 800sf (second level, ugh) growing space complete with a private bathroom, and office partition, and a nice open space for growing, planting, harvesting, and packaging.

We obviously needed stuff to make this work. We were back to searching. We found a barely used 3 bay commercial sink on Craigslist for $350, already plummed with drains and a faucet with a sprayer! Score! I found a discount counter top at Lowes for harvesting, and another on Craigslist for packaging. We added two 4'x4' hydroponic trays for a planting space, and a bunch of shelving and lights for growing. It's been a lot of work. But, the new space helps us streamline and produce more! More to come on the details, and here are some pictures!

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