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Steamy Compost Pile's Got Some Energy!

Lots of ducks equals lots of manure!

We scored with a local tree service hooking us up with unlimited wood chips throughout the year. We use it for everything. We use it for mulch, ground cover to keep the dog out of muddy spots (sometimes), but most of all, we use chips as bedding in our main duck holding area. (shout out to Turner Tree service in Derry, NH)

So, each spring we empty out the duck pen. Then we layer in about 6" of wood chips. The ducks poop on it, we layer on more, poop, layer, poop, layer, repeat, etc....

Here is the deal though. This stuff makes the best compost. Lately, as part of my workout, I have been shoveling (pitch forking actually) 10 wheel barrel loads of soiled bedding out every day. About 5 6cf wheel barrel loads is 1 cu yard. I have several 1 yard sized piles, but the one doing the best is 2 cu yards, so I think I am going with that.

Here ia a video of me singing my new compost song. I turned this pile after 3 days and BANG! Hot composting action at it's best. Also, wormies everywhere!

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