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A "Rainbow" Blend of all of our Radish Microgreens. Included are dark purple Sango Radish, white stem and green leaf Daikon Radish, Pink Stemmed Spicy Pink Triton Radish, Light Pink China Rose Radish, and Red Stemmed Hong Vit Radish.

You can't find this amazing blend of Radish Microgreens anywhere around Boston and New Hampshire but Dowie Farm!

Radish Blend Microgreens

  • All microgreens are sold by the ounce. Delivery is free with an 8 ounce order outside the Derry, NH area. Contact us to arrange pick up or delivery for smaller orders.

  • All of our microgreens come from seeds that are either certified UDSA organic or from companies that have taken the safe seed pledge. In addition we do not sell any greens that are more than 3 days old. If you are ordering 8 ounces or more, we guarantee same day harvesting.

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