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Cinnamon Basil microgreens combine the freshness of basil leaves with the subtle spiciness of cinnamon. Their taste profile is a harmonious blend of herbal notes and gentle spice, making them a unique and versatile addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Whether sprinkled over desserts for an unexpected twist or incorporated into salads, pasta, and savory dishes, Cinnamon Basil microgreens infuse a touch of culinary creativity into every bite. Mix these with our opal basil for an asian flare. 

NOTE: Some Micro-Herbs are not always in production. If This item is out of stock, contact us and we will plant them for you. We need 21 days to grow micro-herbs.

Cinnamon Basil Microgreens


All microgreens are sold by the ounce. Delivery is free with an 8 ounce order outside the Derry, NH area. Contact us to arrange pick up or delivery for smaller orders.

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