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We have been raising ducks for eggs since spring 2010! 

We currently offer Soy Free Duck Eggs from April through November.

Duck Eggs are essentially a superior egg to chicken eggs with more nutrition and a much larger yolk!

Never run out of yolk with a duck egg!

What Breeds Of Ducks Do We Have?

Often, folks want to know what breeds of duck we have. While we have several breeds varying from Cayuga Ducks, White Pekins, Blue Swedish, Buff, Khaki Campbell, Rouen, and some of our own accidental breeds, we mainly have Metzer Farm's 300 Hybrid Ducks both Golden 300 Hybrid Layers and White 300 Hybrid Layers. These ducks lay about 300 eggs per year, which is about double the typical egg production of a standard domesticated White Pekin dual purpose duck.